Our Story

The inspiration for starting Party Well happened when James was in 11th grade. Hope International came to his high school in Tokyo, Japan and presented an opportunity to fundraise for a new classroom that was needed in Cambodia. This sparked excitement to make a difference, because access to education is something that's obviously key to break out of poverty. A team of classmates assembled and raised money in various ways. James convinced an Italian food company to literally send a truckload of pizza to his school for free. He then persuaded the head of the cafeteria to store and prepare it for him at no fee, as long as he didn't compete during the lunch hour. Each student had a goal of $900 and James raised over $2,000 selling pizza during recess, after school and during sports games. 
The students then paid to fly to Cambodia and physically build the foundations of the school with the students. These students had ultra-clear vision of what they wanted to achieve in life, however it was also clear that there were huge boundaries preventing them from achieving them. James then learned that one of the student's siblings could not attend the school they were building because it was her duty to carry water back to her family. James saw first hand the transformative effect of the water projects from Hope International, drastically people's health, freeing up time to get an education and ultimately to break out of the poverty cycle. 
At UBC James was invited by a friend to attend a meeting by Free the Children. At this meeting it was presented that they had an opportunity to sell tickets to a nightclub event down and donate all the proceeds to fund a well in Kenya. James was instantly fuelled by more energy than he'd ever felt because he's passionate about organizing events and knew how important water is for humanity! He the spoke with everyone he knows and often they wouldn't just say they'll come to his party but they would ask, "how can I help you?" This led to a snowball of awesomeness and the team rapidly expanded to 50 passionate members! Their first event was only 100 people, but the next was 500 and they eventually SOLD OUT multiple-stage 1,200 person venues! Some of their incredible sponsors included PK Sound - the best speaker company for Bass in North America! Massive artist also volunteered at our events such as Ekali, Aero Chord, and Eminence! Putting the a wall of 10 PK subwoofers to great use, we started to think about hearing protection. 

With great sound comes great responsibility, so we gave out the standard squishy earplugs and sure enough, within minutes people were taking them out to hear the incredible music! So we looked into the solutions out there and found that they are either over priced and under supplied. With this knowledge in mind, the first Party Well earplug was made, with love.