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a global transformative charity festival

🚀 3 Custom Animated Digital Stages 🚀 Virtual Dancefloors with Face-to-Face Connection 🚀 200+ Renowned Artists & Transformative Workshop Facilitators 🚀 Digital Art Gallery

👽 C A U S E S 👽

2019's IMPACT Festival raised $40,000 for WE Charity’s clean water wells in Kenya and True North Aid’s harm reduction & youth empowerment programs for First Nations communities.

This year we are spreading the impact to 4 different causes: 

💙 ActBlue - Bail Funds

- Supporting those wrongly prosecuted for non-violently protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We are all doing what we can to create a world with equal opportunity & stand with those making a positive impact for our world.

💙 True North Water

- We believe everyone deserves the right to have safe access to clean drinking water. True North Water funds clean water projects in developing countries & within First Nations communities. Approximately 70 First Nations communities are still on a long term water boil advisory & are in need of clean water.

💙 Artist Relief Impact Fund

- Countless artists rely on shows for financial security. With all in-person festivals canceled for the foreseeable future, many artists are struggling immensely. You will be able to support all participating artists in a variety of ways, including direct donations

💙 Impact Festival Society

- Our non-profit society will multiply donations for the charities we fundraise for through our fundraiser festivals year-round. By supporting Impact, you are investing in positive change.

What the People are saying

I went to the inaugural year in 2019 and had a blast! Great DJs, amazing production, and an overall great vibe. And its for charity!

Xander Karr

The open minded atmosphere is amazing and liberating. I've never felt as safe at a music festival or so inspired. I cant wait for next year, the year after, and many more to come. 💙

Sophie Cullen

It was amazing!!! Look forward to next year xx

Ashley Calterwood

Wholesome, impactful, supportive, energizing and creative community of individuals who CARE 🕊! Highly reccomend experiencing this event!

Michelle Evans