How to Party Well Vol. 1

This is a PSA for all ravers, festival goers and party animals 💙

So you know how to Party, but do you know how to Party Well?

Here's just the tips:
1) Drink Water
- Dancing for days in the hot Summer sun, potentially on substances that lead to dehydration is a recipe for trouble if you're not drinking lots of water. At edc Las Vegas I saw a totem pole with Patrick saying "Hydrate or DIEdrate". There's truth to this meme, it happens every year at festivals. Drink the fluids my ravers! it's the liquid of life! 💧

2) Protect Your Hearing
-Fun Fact: the Fractal Forrest at Shambhala had 36 PK Sound subwoofers! This year they're stepping up the sound systems even more, and the Trinity Line can do a lot of damage if you're not being smart about it. You might think that hearing protection is only useful at music festivals but at 100 decibels you only have 15 minutes until permanent hearing damage starts to happen. 
Fucked Fact: that's the decibel level of practically every nightclub!
If you're thinking, "why on Earth would I wear earplugs when I came to hear music?!", you probably aren't familiar with high fidelity. When you have high fidelity earplugs in you hear all the music! You get the full audio experience AND you are protected from hearing damage. Plus they're reusable and can last you years if you take good care of them. Look into hi-fi earplugs if you really love music and want to hear it when you're older. 

3) Spread Good Vibes
A party is only as good as the atmosphere that's created. Us organizers do our best to facilitate this but it's ultimately up to YOU to spread positive energy. The best part is that when you make other people happy, it will make you so much happier! This is the most beautiful part of human nature. The joy that we spread to others all comes back to us! As the Beatles say, "In the end, the Love you take, is equal to the Love... you make."
So go high five a stranger! Hug a legend! Make and trade Kandi! Dance with your neighbours no matter who they are! Surprise someone with generosity! Help someone who needs it! Do your best to make someone's day and yours will light up like never before! 
When I did this, it was the best night of my life. My night was filled with more love positivity than ever before!
Party Well and yours can be too.