Charity Parties

For over 5 years, Party Well has been helping  solve the world’s clean water crisis through our mission of providing people with opportunities to have the time of their lives while saving lives. Our charity parties have seen massive successes of 1,200+ person sold out shows and we’ve also had our share learning experiences as well.

While our events have provided over 2,000 people with clean water, how have we affected our attendees? Truth be told, many ended up getting wasted and didn't even know our events were for charity. This is why Party Well moved away from those single night events and is now launching this transformational music festival. A 3 day immersive experience from deep workshops & ceremonies to phenomenal performers & musicians. IMPACT is all about inspiring, empowering & equipping you with everything you need to greater positive impact throughout the year. We now also have an online community called IMPACT Tribe to continue this guidance & mentorship, so you can maximize your positive impact in your own way.

Join us and #MakeImpact