Hydrogen Water Bottle Ionizer for CHARITY

Hydrogen Water Bottle Ionizer for CHARITY

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The first ionizing water bottle that not only makes your water the healthiest possible but also funds 1 person with clean water for LIFE!

Party Well is a non-profit that funds wells and other water projects such as biosand filters for people who really need it in developing countries. 

Our partners at CAWST train these people to build & maintain the biosand filters & we fund True North Water to grant people the funds to build biosand filters locally within their communities. 

Some of the many benefits of filtered alkaline water that goes through our advanced ionization process:
✅Water filtration - takes away the harmful lead & chlorine from tap water
✅Improved focus - mental clarity improvements
✅Alkalization - reversed acidity in the body

Customers have experienced many more benefits including:
✅Reduced ageing - slowed aging process
✅Joy - Increased oxitocin levels
✅Increased hydration - reach hydration levels faster, improving energy levels & avoiding hangovers!

Power (W): 5W
Charge: From wall
Material: Stainless Steel
Glass Material: Borosilicate glass