How to Party Well Vol. 3

How to Party Well Vol. 3

Be Here Now

It's far too easy to live in our minds, thinking about past events or what's to come in the future. While thoughts serve some purpose for us, living in the moment allows you to fully experience life and get the most out of it! One beautiful thing about musical events is that there is a myriad of stimuli from the flashing lights, to all the unique sound combinations, the projections and all wonderful people around you! Each of these stimuli can be used as a tool to live in the present moment. It's all about what you chose to focus on. Being present is a skill that can be practised by honing in on specific details and giving that detail your undivided attention. Dancing with someone? Focus on their beautiful smile for a moment. DJ about to drop a filthy beat? Focus on that brilliant build and badass bassline! When you are living in the here and now, you can fully experience the wonders life, and in doing so, have the time of your life! 💙

Test it Before You Ingest it

There is an opioid crisis happening in Vancouver and many parts of the world right now. Practically everyone who is really involved in the event scene knows at least one person who has overdosed from fentanyl. Carfentanyl is dramatically more potent, dangerous, and it could be in practically anything. Fortunately, festivals such as Shambhala are very progressive and have testing stations with spectrometers so you can know with 5% accuracy what is inside the substance beforehand. Unfortunately, the vast majority of festivals do not have such incredible harm reduction and, of course, festivals are not the only place where this is needed. There are spectrometers at the safe injection sites in the Downtown Eastside, at SafePoint in Surrey, and occasionally by Broadway & Commercial. Contact Karmik for more details. Even when drugs are tested and found to not contain fentanyl, there is still a risk of it not being fully mixed and therefore elsewhere in the substance. For this reason, it is always safest to just get high off of human connection alone. For more information on how to do this and bring about natural euphoria, check out the website. Their party scientist Jacques Martiquet has mastered the art of human connection to many everyone feel naturally ecstatic!

Give Back

Gifting without expectation is one of the best things a human can do at any event. Attend Burning Man or Shambhala and you will see these random acts of kindness everywhere. The beauty of gifting is that everyone benefits and the atmosphere becomes infinitely more positive. As the Beatles once said, "In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". There is a direct correlation between the amount of love that you spread at an event and the amount of love that you feel. When you gift something genuinely to someone without expecting anything in return, their face lights up with appreciation, you brought joy into their life and that becomes contagious! Others may recognize your kind deeds and gift your something magnificent as well. Even if they don't, you will feel the love of the person whose day you just made with your gift. This act of gifting is one of the purest forms of love spreading and the more times this takes place, the greater the experiences of everyone. Party Well infused gifting into everything we do, because every single customer of ours is automatically gifting water - the liquid of life - to someone who really needs it. By default, each time you Party Well, you are spreading love with a tremendous gift.  Continue that momentum and spread as much Love as you can!