How to Party Well Vol. 2

How to Party Well Vol. 2

If you haven’t watched a drink, don’t consume it

  • We’ve heard far too many stories of people getting roofied at both Engineering & Greek Fraternity parties cough* (Beta) cough* cough*, as well as at our beloved nightclubs downtown. Sick twisted people put GHB in unattended drinks if you leave them around and in drinks that have been purchased for you. Pro-tip: Out of sight, out of mouth. Just don’t drink it fam! Getting abused while you’re unconscious is not worth all the free drinks in the world. Side note, using Party4Health methodologies you can reach ecstatic states of euphoria at events without even getting wasted!


Know your limit and work within it

  • We’ve all got a limit beyond which we’ll be projectile puking or passing out in the corner like a sad panda on St. Paddy’s day. For some people it’s a number of drinks, for others it’s a risky combination of liquors. Some people swear by the phrases, “liquor then beer, you’re in the clear, beer then liquor, never been sicker”. A common one in Australia is, “beer then grass, you’re on your arse, grass then beer, you’re in the clear”. Unless it’s your Freshman year, you’ve probably figured out the level beyond which you will not be partying well. Don’t give in to peer pressure and stay within these levels.
    Pro Tip: Drinking water consistently throughout the night substantially reduces your chances of getting sick & hangovers! Hangovers are just dehydration. If you’ve had plenty of water before sleeping, chances are you won’t be hungover.


Express Yo Self!

  • Partying/ raving at festivals is all about self-expression. Don’t try to copy the trend of the day or try to be someone you’re not, unless it’s Rick or Morty or another ridiculously awesome character! Put on a onesie, a spirit hood (Dam Fur is dope), or whatever attire you feel expresses who you are. Most festivals do their best to foster a culture of non-judgement, so let your crazy flag fly! Try out different dance moves and be yourself because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!