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Positive Impact

Our mission is to provide 1 million people with clean water by helping music lovers Party Well

100% of our event proceeds fund wells & other clean water projects in developing countries.

Every product we sell helps solve the world's clean water crisis!  

We have funded solutions to help empower more than 3,200 people with clean water!

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We have Worked/ are Working With:

The greatest earplugs on our planet

  • Hear All the Music

    Using state of the art music filters, these earplugs unilaterally lower the Hi's, Mid's, and Low's of the music by 21 decibels. This means you can clearly hear every aspect of the sound!

  • Protect Your Ears

    Using high fidelity filters, the decibels are reduced to by 23db to safe level where you don't go deaf. 
    So you can still hear music in the future! (The music will be insane 10 years from now, trust us)

  • Change a Human Life

    gEach sale helps provide 5 years of access to clean water to someone in need though a donation to  By purchasing these earplugs, you will help change someone's life, empower them with opportunity get an education and break out of the poverty cycle! 

Hi-Fi Earplugs Funding Water Charities




Where do you the earplugs ship from?

All Shipping is done from Canada And it's 100% FREE

Where are your wells built?

We allow the charities we work with to decide where the clean water projects are needed most. So far, we have helped fund wells in Ethiopia, Kenya and India. We are currently in talks with the local Kenyan Government to partner on another well there!

How can I Party Well?

By having the time of your life while helping save a life! Attending one of our 100% charity a parties or buying any of our products will empower you to achieve exactly that.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not absolutely in love with our product, we will send you all your money, no questions asked!

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